Pare de l’Emma, té 47 anys i fa aproximadament 15 anysI

Introduction to yourself.

My name is Jason Scaricaciottoli, I’m 47 years old. I was born in Camden, New Jersey, USA, and now i live i Vic, Catalunya. I am a professional cooker and right now I am working in an ice cream

Have you worked in a factory or its your first one?

I’ve never currently worked in a industry or a factory, but the only factori I’ve ever work is here were we produce ice cream but not on a great scale, on a small scale.

What type of factory are you working now or you have worked?

I’ve only worked in a ice cream factory before.

What type of factory are you in? (sector(carnic,agrari,textil…)

The factory I’am working is a food factory

All do you will be the next owner, why do you like to do this job?

There are many reasons why I like what I do it’s because one, we make a product that is very dives and people really appreciate and like our products.

The salaries of the factory are reasonable or very poor

I think the salary for what a person makes in a factory is low but the cost of living is also low it kind of equals itself out but I would say that the base salary in Spain is low.

How many years have you been working in the factory / industry?

I’ve been working 16 years working in the ice cream factory.

Is the schedule that you follow now different from that of x years ago?

The hours are normal during the week but during the weekends we work saturday and sundays which normally factories don’t really work, but other that that we work all summer and in winter we have a little break.

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